Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Necklaces, Bracelet, Picture, Earrings, Ice Drops, Doilies, Bookmarks, Heart, Cross, Motifs, Shamrock, Ornaments and Tablecloth

Elsa couldn't resist trying out Mary Konior's free form necklace in the Gutterman silk cord 30 she found in the flea market. She wanted to use a polyester thread to stabilize it, but she didn't have a matching colour, so she elected to match the thread colour to the beads she used. The necklace is a nice match to the "Curb" bracelet by Corina Meyfeldt she did with the same thread. The Tina Frauberger book inspired this very spring necklace she tatted in nylon thread with 5 - 6 mm diameter green beads and a purple cord necklace clasp. Her Acrylic Paint and Tatting Lace picture was featured in MUSED, the BellaOnline Literary Review.

Claire has been tatted her own version of a cloverleaf earring. These are done in Vineyard harvest (#131), Fruit fizz (#139). And more done in Blue Ice (#163), Springtime (#115), and Purple Iris Fusion (#162).

Diane was happy to meet up again with the Tollway Tatters, including Rita, who brought along some Lizbeth thread samples and Diane chose Royal Blue, which made this lovely Ice Drop. She tatted this one in Blue Ice while they were chatting. She finished another in Royal Blue when she got home. She managed to figure out that it takes about 5 yards for an Ice Drop, 3 on the shuttle, 2 on the ball. Diane has ordered so many beads and gems that she can't remember where she bought them all, but she thinks this one came from Ebay. She's completed round 5 of Renulek's 2017 doily. Size 20 Lizbeth #603, Ecru, which isn't normally a favourite colour, but paired up with a blue gem, she's loving it. Round 6 or Renulek's doily is already started. The row isn't finished on the runner she's doing for her sister, but she figured that if she didn't post it when she thought of it, she'd never get to show progress.

Fox didn't like the long bulky bookmark, so she decided to go with Mary Konior's Curds and Whey done in size 40 Lizbeth, which is a better match. Her ball of brown thread is shrinking fast and she's wondering if she needs to order another one. She isn't used to working with size 20 thread and already this is a large nine inch doily, so she decided she did need to order another ball of thread.

Margaret tatted the Butterfly Heart, by Irene Woo in size 20, Scottish Thistle. She posted it in honour of Irene who passed away recently.

Marie tatted a variation on Angeline Crichlow's, #20 Medieval Cross. She found this old glass, button at an antique store and had to use it for another bracelet.

Muskaan likes hexagons and designs where chains outline previous elements, so she just loves Star Dahlia by Anna Barzyk. The Clover is by Mariya Darydova, the model on the left done verbatim, the one on the right The right one, tatted first, she worked all 4 leaflets completely, instead of a split chain, and then tatted the chain stem.

Nikki made 12 of these little celtic-knot shamrock clovers using the pattern by Merilee Rockley. She wishes she had read Muskaan's blog before she started this doily because a lot of the tips shared would have helped her with this row, but it's done now. She needed a large shuttle for the next round and had to empty one by tatting this little heart.

Sue tatted this Fancy Snowflake from Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden ornament with DMC Metallic embroidery thread, which was a stinker to work with. She missed a couple of joins, but the thread shreds when you try to undo it, so she left it and just tied it together around the ornament. Here's the set so far. Both sides are currently equal on the tablecloth and now she's adding length to the center so she can work on getting it all to the width of the rest of it.

Wanda tatted some clovers for St Patrick's Day.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Doilies, Earrings, Fish, Star, Bookmarks, Ice Drops, Edging, Seahorse, Tablecloth, Crosses and Doodles

Vera has round 4 of Renulek's 2017 doily done and it's looking lovely.

Sharon has been working on Eileen Stafford's Blue doily which she is tatting in Cream Lizbeth size 20. She was asked to make some earrings which she enjoys tatting. Then she decided to make some green earrings for St Patrick's Day for herself using the Wave pattern by Corina Mayfeldt.

Marthanne is making 2 of Renulek's 2017 doily, one in size #20 thread and the other in size 40. Here is Row 3 in both and she has begun row 4. She began row 4... four times before she sat down and drew herself some instructions but now it looks like she's got it. It took almost the whole doily before she had the pattern memorized.

Sarah needed a break from white and snowflakes and tatted some sea creatures. The gold fish is based on Ninetta Caruso's adorable Kissing Minnows edging. The purple fish are based on Phyllis Schmidt's "Fish - Paperclip". Then she made up a couple seahorses and a starfish to go with them.

Melanie has been finishing off some WIP's like the Awareness Star of Hope by Kathy J. Hodge shared in the Online class. She has also finished the second round of Renulek’s Winosa 2017 which she's hoping to complete by Fair 2018.

Sue is playing with a pattern over on the Cariad-tatting site, a ring and chains bookmark with embellishments.

Diane finished round 3 of Renulek's 2017 doily. She has been tatting Ice Drops exploring different options for the peacock coins she recently purchased like the Wedgewood Dk. thread, but it overwhelms coin. She experimented with Edda Guastalla's pattern, and it shows off the peacock coin better than her Ice Drop pattern. It looks especially nice on the back side using Lizbeth Herbal Garden. Lizbeth Gold thread really makes the colours in the peacock coin pop. This one is in size 20 Lizbeth #699, Harvest Gold. She's not sure which she prefers,  white or coloured thread, although white makes her feel like she's tatted something special. Here's a picture of them all together in Ocean Turquoise Lt, Wedgewood DK, Herbal Garden, Gold, Harvest Gold, and White. She worked on Renulek's Wiosna 2017 round 4. She tatted one Ice Drop in size 20 Lizbeth #658, Ocean Turquoise Lt with a faceted agate gem.

Eliz tatted sock trim in Pink and White with 2 strands of DMC embroidery floss and Turquoise 2 strands of vintage J&P Coats to perfectly match her granddaughter's dress. Now for the second sock.

Fox has zipped through this round of her brown doily with turquoise beads. She got a little carried away with this bookmark using Jon's pattern and size 20 thread with a ruffled outer round done in size 80. The brother's bookmark is finished, done in Jon's pattern which is an amazing example of her designing abilities, tatted in one go with split rings in size 40 thread.

Marie tatted Wanda's Split Ring Cross to used up thread left on her shuttle. She tatted more bookmarks using the Workbasket pattern, but left off the picots to make more masculine crosses. This was a crotatting pattern by Feresa Harod, called Cross Number 6. This seahorse pattern is by Debbie Arnold, tatted with pearl cotton size 12.

Muskaan started with Coats and Clark Book 121 pattern A295 edging and it just kind of grew. Variations just sprouted out everywhere.

Nikki is wondering if she tatted the chains differently the last time she made this doily as the second row is bunching quite badly and she can't remember how she did the little 5 petal flowers on this next row. She was hoping to come up with a pattern to use on a garter and this one that she started she isn't loving and she's not sure if it with even stay up.

HIsKid almost has both sides of the tablecloth done, but it needs to be about double this size. She bought the only thread she could find when she started, which turned out to be two enormous balls of Aunt Lydia, and you can see by the partial ball pictured here next to her Tatsy shuttle that it really is huge. She tried out an Ice Drop as a break from other tatting but size 40 thread was too tight for the gem. She ended up using a clear rose bead left over from the suncatcher. She likes that you can see right through it. This Ice Drop she was trying to use earlier, although she had to drastically change the stitch count. She likes being able to see through them, but here it is with a backdrop so that you can see the whole thing.

Wanda used Grape Pizzaz for this cross which she completed while waiting interminably for her mother to have a procedure done in the hospital. She could have started another cross but she decided to play around with the button and gem she had with her. The 2 hour procedure managed to stretch out to more than 6 hours of waiting time, enough time to tat lots of little projects and use up the thread on her shuttle.